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There is always a lot going on with us and unfortunately we do not always can keep the website timely up to date, sorry for that. But we try to give new informations also on Facebook ;-)

unfortunately we do not always get up-to-date to keep the website up to date.

In the meantime we (and especially Pepino), for example, were quite successful abroad and have now officially received his Croatian championship title.

And as a next "big" event, we are looking forward to welcoming yet another fur child with us. We are looking forward!!!


Like that the year can come to an end ... Not only that we have visited a few exhibitions and have been quite successful ... No, we finally met the human parents of Pepinos father (José de Bresser and Peter van Kollenburg from "The Barking Bunch").

Also in 2019 we plan to do a lot of things together and to come around a lot. We hope to meet many friends and new acquaintances and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 !!!


Great news has reached us. Having learned that SSV's pre-test is not equivalent to Antagene's European pre-test, but the health of our Pepino is very important to us, we have also had the pre-test done by Antagene and are pleased with the result (Index B) announce.


WDS 2018 Amsterdam

Also this year we were back on the World Dog Show. This time in Amsterdam (NL). On Thursday (09.08.2018) Pepino got a EX4 at the BENELUX Winner Show. On Saturday (11.08.2018) Pepino got a EX3 on the Specialties. On Sunday, however, it was enough only for a EX without placement. Crown set, knock off dust and we go on .... Hütschenhausen we come;)


Back from Croatia.
Mum and Dad were with me in Croatia. A great country with lovely people and beautiful landscapes. But we were not just there to swim. I was allowed to compete in the 4 Summer Nights Show. Mum and dad were very proud of me.
Mum then could not get the grin on Monday from her face. In the mailbox was my Champion certificate (VDH). Since my bipeds were really happy.


Hello companions. In the last 6 weeks, a lot has happened again. Mum and dad have been travel a lot with me again. First we were in Oberhausen. In great weather, I have met many new friends. Mum and dad have been very happy about the reunion with old friends. Last weekend we spontaneously went to Switzerland. There was also great weather and again I was allowed to present my dazzling appearance. As Mum was happy, I have probably done a lot right. Dad has taken a lot of pictures. Just have a look in the gallery.

Regards, your Pepino


Back from a nice trip to Denmark, where we got at least a insight of the country, but could also recover. In addition, we took the opportunity to participate in a dog show in Denmark, where we enjoyed great encounters with old, but also new friends and acquaintances. Of course, we also brought a few photos with us.


Oh man, mistress and master meke only "nonsense" with Pepino :-) It goes to the office, on trips, he ist stuck in a "funny" bathrobe and of course "must" continue to go to exhibitions. But the whole thing is rewarded with a lot of treats and even more love. We think Pepino feel not so bad. But see for yourself, we captured a few impressions in photos...


What a great time! First, mistress was a long time (2 weeks) with Pepino at home, because she had to learn and as a conclusion of this time, we were all together at the first exhibition, the national group exhibition SSV in Kirchhhain / Hessen, this year. Pepino thought, if mistress and master are so successful, he must also refill. We are incredibly proud that Pepino could claim the first place in the open class. But not enough, then he still got the BOB and as a coronation the BIS !!!


I wish you all a happy new year. A little late, I know ;-).

We have news. After successfully submitting the required number of ancestors (10 live and death reports) to the SSV, Pepino is now officially a stud dog.


Two months have passed. Pepino has done it now and is German Champion VDH. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few more days (only after one year and one day can we apply for the title) until he can officially call himself that.

Very exciting was the World Dog Show in Leipzig. We have never stood with 48 other opponents in the ring. AMAZING. Finally, we made it into the TOP 8 and are very proud of our "little" Pepino.

There are no other exhibitions for us this year. We are looking forward to the next year and would like to experience some nice events with old and new friends and acquaintances.


With us it is always turbulent, time flies by and in the end you do not even know exactly what happened.

Actually, we really enjoyed the summer with family and friends, visited some exhibitions and looked after the ancestral proofs of Pepino, which are now hopefully complete and sufficient.

Otherwise, Pepino has finally discovered the couch for himself. It's too warm for him in the long run, but he has to keep going for a short while to show that he can do it and now he is allowed :-)


Lately, we have taken it a little easier. But this weekend we were at the exhibitions in Dortmund. It was a lot of fun again and the results were not too bad ;-) But the nicest thing was to see Pepinos breeder and two of his siblings after almost 2 years. They were immediately familiar with each other again.

And what can I tell you ... a perfect weekend, because we have finally got Pepinos genomic evaluation after exactly 6 months.


Puuuh ... Lately, a lot has happened and we just did not get the website up to date.

We started as planned with the obedience training. It's also makes a lot of fun, but Pepino, the dickhead, sometimes just does what he wants to do and is only there with his thoughts and nose where it's interesting for him :-)

We were also at the club exhibition in Hessen. There we met many nice people and their four-legged friends again. It is always nice not only to exchange good results of the exhibition with like-minded people, but also to exchange a word or two.

Then we needed a little break, so it went a few days to the Baltic Sea, Rügen. We had a good time there and spent a lot of time outside (by the sea, in the woods and on the dunes). The few people, the partly closed shops and restaurants (it was off season) and our apartment, which was in the middle of the forest, forced us all down a gear and relax. All in all, the short break was very good, Pepino has blasted all over her face. But see for yourself. We have brought some photos!

As soon as we were back, the everyday life had quickly returned to us and an important appointment was still pending: the mental and health test of Pepino!

On 26.03.2017 we went to Nonnweiler in the Saarland for the mental and health test of Pepino. Pepino has shown his best side as always. A little "unmotivated" he had a little bit of thrust on his hindquarters, but otherwise there was nothing to complain about. He is really just a sunshine and finds everything that rustles, noise makes and many people who are all interested in him very interesting and open and friendly to everything.

Next we are waiting for the official report and the still pending genomic testing. In addition, master and mistress eagerly take care of the life and death reports of Pepino's ancestors ... and let's see what the future will bring ;-)


Today Pepino was with master and mistress at the photo shoot ...You do not even know how exciting that was. We had to go to the photo studio in the city center of Dortmund. Pepino has never been downtown in a big city. He has done it as always great. And at the photo shoot it was even allowed to go to the couch. Not that Pepino thinks now, it would always be allowed to go to the sofa ;-) But we also mastered the photo shoot with flying colors. Pepino posed as if he had never done anything else. Always had the right look at the right time. Of course there are results of the shoot in the picture gallery.

And because Pepino slowly grows up physically, but his head is still a child's head we have some plans for the near future. We would like to try in obedience. I'm curious if it will work...

Otherwise, we are on 26.02.2017 in Kirchhain at the club show Hessen.

Then we look forward to the 12.03.2017, where we finally go to the breeder seminar, afterwards to be allowed to go with Pepino on the weekend 25./26.03.2017 to Nonnweiler for the mental and health test.

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