Buddy (Derry vom Schnee)
Buddy (Derry vom Schnee)

Dogs have always belonged to the family.

As a child you had to subordinate and so it was different dog breeds that made our lives happy.


Only in 2003, after our poodle died and I was old enough to choose my own dog, my biggest dream of a Bernese Mountain Dog came true!


Completely haphazard, a breeder was contacted, who came from nearby and just had puppies. This, as it turned out, very wonderful breeder, invited us to watch and get to know each other, but assured us that all puppies were already reserved. Nevertheless, we went there and had a great time with the breeder, her adult dogs and of course with the puppies. The farewell was really hard ...

However, only a short time later, the breeder called and said that she was very pleased with us as persons, so that she would have a really good feeling if she would give us a puppy instead of another person. And so it happened that our buddy (Derry vom Schnee) moved to our home (at that time still with me and my parents).


Even with Buddy I wanted to breed, because he was such a great dog with fantastic nature! Unfortunately, the topic "How is my dog a stud dog" for me then was a book with seven seals and so Buddy was a beloved family dog until he had to go over the Rainbow Bridge at 11 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and 6 days. It was clear to us that another dog had to move into our house and it was also clear that it had to be a Bernese Mountain Dog again. So it happened that in September 2015 Pepino (Öreghegyi-Mackó Pepino) moved in with us and made us complete again. And with him again the wish came up for a well-built and good temperament stud dog ... ;-)

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